Our Difference Is Your Edge

As the largest volume producer in our industry, we feel a greater obligation to ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied. That’s why we have assembled dedicated, experienced customer service account teams to make sure no detail is ever overlooked. We also have a merchant group dedicated to managing account businesses and driving sales.

The technology you’ll find at FGX International works not only for us, it works just as diligently for our customers. FGX International capabilities range from in-house EDI capabilities to product information exchange to our suite of analytic applications. Our technology eliminates costly data errors, increases supply chain efficiency and helps us better understand our customers and overall business performance.

Our systems usually enable us to fulfill most orders within a 48-72 hour period, and have enabled us to achieve an excellent order fulfillment rate.

The Service Program

Our merchant organization works closely with our customers to improve in-store product sell through and profitability by providing services such as collaborative planning, product merchandising, fashion trend reporting and timely retail sales data analysis. Our field service organization comprises a national base of part-time employees who maintain and restock in-store displays, set up promotional materials and communicate store-level needs to our management team. These distinctive features enable us to better serve our customers and enhance our ability to control the in-store product environment and content, which we believe increases our sales volume and that of our customers.


Marketing is an essential part of building strong brands and establishing successful partnerships with our retailers. At FGXI we have assembled a marketing team that is dedicated to understanding the consumer in order to offer products and packaging that provide them with solutions to their eyewear needs. We strive to be at the forefront of the latest trends in product design and features that are translated in our new product introductions. Our products, packaging and displays demonstrate a clear brand identity for each of the many brands in our portfolio, each creating a recognizable difference that consumers seek out at retail which allows both FGXI and our retailers to attain profitable growth year after year.