Foster Grant Sets The Trend For 2015

May 18, 2015

Matthew Coon, Creative Director at Foster Grant, weighs in on the trends for 2015 in WWD magazine!

What’s In

  • The newest look is the Kitten frame, a younger, rounder take on the classic cat-eye, ideal for collections targeting juniors and women. Butterflies are growing in importance as the easy-to-wear cousin of the cat. Both the Kitten and the Butterfly are softened with curvier edges that make them more flattering.
  • Classic frames continue their march with prominence, [such as] resin styles highlighted by keyhole nose bridges and retro details.

What’s Out

  • Really round, oversize shapes.
  • The rose gold of 2014 is out; this year it will be brushed with antique and matte finishing to give it a new twist.
  • Singular color finishes are replaced with multilayered and mixed-surface textures featuring color and pattern.

What’s Next

  • The most important finish is the tortoise. These shell finishes range from Eighties references to new multicolored layered resins. Many of the finishes are characterized by a milky fusion to add further richness. This year, there is much more emphasis on the material as a whole rather than additional colored layers, which have been prominent for the past few years.
  • Prints are elevated with emphasis put on deep, dark botanicals and tropical prints. In addition, tiny, monochromatic linear and geometric prints add more of a textural feel to different crystal finishes.